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8th February 2016 • Digital Marketing, Photography

Praise be: Instagram account switching is a real thing

Well, praise be – managing your personal and business Instagram accounts is about to get a whole lot easier.

What must be the number one most sought-after feature of Instagram is now a real thing – in-app account switching. No more logging out, logging in, logging out, losing the run of yourself or just losing interest over the hassle.

Until now, unless you were actively logging out of one profile to log in as another, Android users (myself included) had the option of creating completely separate user profiles on the OS just to flick between different app settings. Not exactly the most ideal, though it was a workaround.

The changes will be most welcome by those who manage multiple accounts, in particular a business account and a personal account, or in the case of social media managers, those that have their hands in several accounts at any one time.

See: Account Switching: Now Available On Instagram Continue Reading

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26th January 2016 • Digital Media

Social Networking & Messaging in Ireland (January 2016)

Some very interesting figures out of the latest Ipsos MRBI tracking surveys this week.

Ipsos MRBI, the same folks who provide the JNLR radio listenership survey figures and countless other statistics across the year have published their latest Social Networking Tracker and Social Messaging Tracker (both January 2016) which build on figures released last August.

The two surveys look at the penetration and use of social networks and social messaging services (separately) in Ireland going back as far as November 2013. Continue Reading

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1st January 2016 • Digital Media

On digital thinking, digital media and web culture

ONE OF THE first things that I do year on year, New Year’s Day, is buy a domain name. Perhaps even a few of them. Sometimes I’ll do something with them, while more will be allowed lapse before the cycle continues all over again.

It starts with domain shopping

In the run in to Christmas I began looking around for a few digital media / digital marketing / web content related domain names. In the past, however, you do that (using a topic-related domain name as an example), I would end up with Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, Facebook pages and more besides that go unloved, unattendended and into the world wide wasteland of internet ideas. Continue Reading

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