Talking about 9th Degree Coffee, Dublin Barista School with James McCormack

Before the tail end of 2016 I had a chance to catch up with Dublin Barista School‘s James McCormack who’s recently kicked off his next coffee adventure in 9th Degree Coffee.

Having started the Dublin Barista School back in 2011 and having used a variety of Europe’s top speciality coffee roasters over the years, last year saw the business invest in a small batch coffee roaster, taking full control of the coffee roasting stage of the coffee chain.

James’ story is a fascinating one, from the days before Dublin Barista School existed, through to what himself and the team are up to now in Dublin with teaching and training, right up to making the leap into launching 9th Degree and kicking off Ireland’s newest subscription-based coffee service.

The idea was borne out of participation in Bord Bia’s SuperBrands project with designers Penhouse working on the branding (see and example below).

The name 9th Degree itself is connected to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee and it is also the origin of the first coffee roasted on the new coffee roaster at the Dublin Barista School.  The name is also connected to the nine stages of coffee roasting – from green coffee which is the unroasted form through to the so-called Italian roast.

Take a listen to our full conversation below. If you’re reading on your phone, tap ‘listen in browser’ to get started’.

Subscriptions vary from three months to six months out to twelve months, with a 250g bag or 1kg of coffee hitting your letterbox anywhere from monthly to fortnightly down to weekly. A weekly hit for a 250g bag over 12 months would set you back €576, or you could go for a monthly annual subscription running at €144, or €12 a month.

9th Degree Coffee, from the team behind Dublin Barista School
9th Degree Coffee, from the team behind Dublin Barista School

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