Bee keeping for beginners? There’s a course for that.

Bee keeping at work. Photo:
Bee keeping at work. Photo:

The one where I chat to Francis Nesbitt to find out all about bee keeping and a new beginners course available in Kilkenny.

I’ll openly hold my hands up on this one – I know nothing about bees.

I like a bit of honey and lemon. I’ll take honey on porridge. I’ll take honey in a smoothie. I’ll keep jars of it in the fridge and the press, but I know very little about how it gets there.

Sure, you’ve got your honey producers (note, not bee keepers), and you’ve got bee keepers i.e. those who keep, tend to, nuture and care for bees. Some produce honey, some just keep bees to be nice to nature.

I had a chance to catch up with Francis Nesbitt during Friday’s show, Francis being involved in the Mid Kilkenny Beekeepers association.

Naturally, my curiosity is peaked – so let’s talk all about bees.

If you’re interested in learning more, there’s a beginners beekeeping course running in Kilkenny starting Wednesday 15 February. The course itself costs €100 but also includes membership of the association for the year, affiliation to FIBKA (Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations), insurance and a subscription to Irish Beekeepers magazine ‘An Beachaire’ for the year.

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