The Eatyard in Dublin is looking for food vendors – interested?

You know that space up beside The Bernard Shaw in Dublin? Well, it’s about to get turned into The Eatyard and is launching in November.

Billing itself as “a new and innovative street food market space” from the team behind Beatyard and the Big Grill Festival, The Eatyard aims to “build on these successes and deliver an incredible casual dining experience similar to those enjoyed in other vibrant capitals around the world combining talks and workshops as it builds momentum”.

Of course, to do that, they’re going to need food vendors, especially those thinking along the same wavelength. They’re promising a rotation of over 20 street food vendors, cooks and market traders to trade, talk, demo and more.

Whether you’re a first-timer, run an established kitchen, are familiar on the festival circuit or street corners and you share The Eatyard’s ethos of “doing something simple really well”, then you could find yourself with a new outlet in the Dublin area.

Promising to offer over 20 rotating street food vendors, cooks and market traders, The Eatyard continues to welcome applicants for the coming months. The EatYard is open to experienced festival caterers, first timers and established kitchens keen to take their fare to the streets provided that each one shares the markets ethos of doing something simple really well.

As part of the application process they’re looking for an idea of your own food ethos, photo links for your food products / stall / catering unit, and interestingly, what your definition of great design is in a food/market context.

Interested? You’ll find the application process here.

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