Fred & Alice: A blistering head wreck with a heart-felt story

Callback Theatre’s Fred & Alice returns to VISUAL Carlow on Saturday 15 October as part of its current Irish tour.

After around 150 shows, the play was recognised at this year’s PPI Radio Awards held in Kilkenny, adapted for on air and broadcast by Ocean FM.

What’s it all about?

Well, written by John Sheehy and performed by Ciaran Bermingham and Cora Fenton is described as ‘a blistering head wreck played at a hilarious pace’.

Ciaran Bermingham (as Fred) and Cora Fenton (as Alice) in Fred & Alice by Callback Theatre
Ciaran Bermingham (as Fred) and Cora Fenton (as Alice) in Fred & Alice by Callback Theatre

It’s not easy to get by in this crazy old world is it? But Fred and Alice have discovered that all you really need are 2 tennis rackets, disproportionate reactions to minor accidents, an immature coping strategy and each other. Fred and Alice first met in the home.

It wasn’t really a home but Fred always called it a home because that was where he lived, and if you are not living at home then where are you? It was love at first sight for Alice. Fred didn’t talk to her again for years but then eventually Fred got used to her and it was love at first sight for him too. From their days in care, to independent living, Fred and Alice negotiate the perils and pitfalls of life and love.

Ahead of the show arriving in Carlow as part of Carlow’s Mental Health Week, I caught up with Cora Fenton (who plays Alice) to chat about the show, the reaction from 150 different kinds of audiences and just what exactly people get out of going again and again to Fred & Alice.

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