Love your trout? Enjoy new ways of cooking it with Fishwives from Goatsbridge

Fishwives, a cookbook from Goatsbridge is out now. Photo: Ken McGuire
Fishwives, a cookbook from Goatsbridge is out now. Photo: Ken McGuire

Fishwives, the first cookbook from Goatsbridge Trout Farm in Kilkenny packs 70+ recipes on cooking everything with trout.

If there was ever a woman to talk up the virtues of trout, it’s Mag Kirwan of Goatsbridge Trout Farm in Kilkenny.

Over the past number of years their Thomastown-based business has gone from home and market sales to spots in all major Irish supermarkets, specialist shops and restaurants right around the country. They’ve launched a buzzing smoked trout, Ireland’s first Trout Caviar, and now, Ireland’s first all-female trout-based cookbook.

Along came Fishwives

The cover of Fishwives, out now.

The cover of Fishwives, out now.

Back in June this year, Mag put the call out to friends, collegues, food bloggers and the likes for their own favourite trout recipe. With all the submissions in, there was material enough for two books, but the result of the submissions and shortlisting is a grand collection of 78 trout recipes (well, about 70 are trout, you’ll find some haddock in there as well) that will make a welcome addition to anyone’s cook book collection – particularly fish lovers.

With photos from Joanne Murphy and design from Slater Design, Mag, Denise, and all involved have produced a real top quality book.

Breaded trout goujons anyone? One of the recipes in Fishwives.

Breaded trout goujons anyone? One of the recipes in Fishwives.

Mag’s sister Miriam (Donohue) began working with Hospice Africa Uganda in Kampala back in January of this year and as such, all proceeds from sales of the book will be heading that way. The aim in June was to print 3,000 copies with a €20 retail price. With Goatsbridge Trout funding the cost of design and production, the hope is to send €15 from each last to Hospice Africa Uganda through Hospice Africa Ireland.

Baked trout with roast tomatos and pine nuts.

Baked trout with roast tomatos and pine nuts.

With the other €5 covering the print cost, there’s a lofty target of using the book to raise around €40,000 for charity.

And of course, Mag is on a mission. At the launch this evening, issuing a rallying cry for ‘The Fishwife Movement’ to take off, she’s determined – and won’t rest – until there’s a copy of Fishwives under every Christmas tree in Ireland this year.

But, the actual fishwives?

Oh, and those in the book?

You’ll find recipes from the likes of Darina Allen, Mary Harney, Clodagh McKenna, Maria Rafferty, Olivia O’Leary, Regina Sexton, Sally McKenna, Imen McDonnell, Aoife Ryan, Dee Laffan, Caroline Hennessy, Kristen Jensen, Brigitta Curtin, Katy McGuinness, Paula Ronan – and that’s just some of the 78 names involved.

If you’re feeling charitable, or you fancy loading up on trout-based recipes from loads of familiar Irish food faces, nab a copy of the book today.

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