Interview: 2016 Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet Launch

2016 Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet, illustrated by Ale Mercado
2016 Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet, illustrated by Ale Mercado

The 2016 Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet launched on 14 August featuring works from eleven Kilkenny-based poets. Take a listen to three of those works and go behind the creative writing process in this interview.

The Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet is an annual release of poetry works from Kilkenny County Council’s Arts Office, published in a broadsheet-style format.

The 2016 edition, launched during the Kilkenny Arts Festival this year featured works from eleven poets living in and around Kilkenny and ahead of the launch I had a chance to catch up with three of this year’s chosen poets about their work, the creative process and looking at what publication means to them.

Take a listen below for more.

The broadsheet itself is available from Kilkenny Arts Office, Dean Street, Kilkenny or by calling into any library in the county.

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