Interview: Brazilian jiu-jitsu – what’s it all about anyway?

Professional MMA fighter and instructor, Myles Price works and trains out of Sully’s Gym in Kilkenny which has been developing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu programme for a number years.

Producing regular competitors, affiliated to Team Ryano (Dublin), the gym is having a BJJ open day and grading ahead of the intake of newcomers for a 10-week Brazilian jiu-jitsu course starting June 2016.

The most important question though, is what’s it all about?

Update: In the time since this interview was first recorded (late June/early July 2016) and aired, I decided to follow up with taking a 10 week beginner Brazilian jiu-jitsu course which wrapped up mid August. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most physically enduring and equally rewarding things I’ve done in an age. If you’re ever considering the world of martial arts, give a thought to exploring BJJ.

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