Parlour Games becomes Jackrabbit, pops up in Dublin on 26 November

The Jackrabbit Food Truck. Photo:
The Jackrabbit Food Truck. Photo:

If you loved Parlour Games, you’ll love Jackrabbit, bound for a Dublin return on 26 November with a five course menu for the pop up restaurant night.

From the chef behind Paella Guys, a popular Dublin pop-up restaurant is back, under a different name.

The artist restaurant formerly known as Parlour Games returns as Jackrabbit on Saturday 26 November and heads for The 105 Cafe in Clonskeagh. The food truck stays at home for the night with fine dining on the agenda next weekend.

Having dubbed themselves ‘the healthy street food specialists’, Jackrabbit is cheffed by Ian Marconi (formerly Moro, London). Parlour Games ran for two years as a pop-up, kicking off in 2012 doing elaborate 6/7 course meals before winding down.

Now, the fine dining experience returns for one night on the Clonskeah Road in Dublin 14.

The menu for Saturday looks pretty snazzy in fairness with five courses running at €55 including

  • Spiced beetroot soup with honeyed pumpkin and crispy lamb
  • Grilled purple sprouting broccoli, almond sauce, jamon, pickled quail eggs
  • Pan-fried gurnard with kale, labneh, green chilli and pickled red chilli
  • Ox cheeks, oloroso, celeriac mash and truffle oil
  • Orange and chocolate mousse cups, apricot and cream

Check out some of their other dishes below.

The beef…

Beef at Jackrabbit

Beef at Jackrabbit

The fish…

The fish at Jackrabbit

The fish at Jackrabbit

The chicken…

Beef at Jackrabbit

Beef at Jackrabbit

Booking is easy – pop an email to with your phone number, full name and number of people you’d like to book for. Take a peek at for more details.

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