Pulled: A brazen new comedy from Niamh Moroney

The third chapter of #devious10 springs to life in Waterford

It’s brash, brazen and brimming full of comedy moments.

Niamh Moroney’s Pulled, a co-production between Devious Theatre (Kilkenny) and Central Arts (Waterford), arrives to Set Theatre, Kilkenny, this Thursday for a three night run.

I caught the show in Waterford, cried laughing at times while on other occasions you’re left asking yourself “did she REALLY just say/do/utter/actually do that?”. YER WAN (it’s predecessor) was great and Pulled cranks it up another notch by introducting Andrea Bolger as Michelle, sidekick to Moroney’s Amanda.

There are great reviews already doing the rounds in the Kilkenny People, Waterford News & Star and Munster Express but without wanting to give too much away before the opening, I caught up with Niamh for a chat on the show to find out what makes Pulled tick.

Check out trailers and the likes here, then grab tickets at or Rollercoaster Records on Kieran Street, Kilkenny.

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