Rambling Rhinos Podcast #001

Kicking off a brand new MMA/BJJ lead podcast

Man, I’ve missed podcasting.

You think that might sound funny coming from someone who spends fifteen hours a week on air chatting across the afternoon, but I’ve really missed podcasting.

Maybe it’s the notion of having all the bricks and having to put them together yourself to see the end result. Maybe it was the memories of doing regular podcasts across 2006-2010 or so and the craic that could be had with them.

Whatever the case, I’ve missed podcasting, but can miss it no more.

Yesterday marked the launch of the new Rambling Rhinos podcast, recorded out of Team Ryano Kilkenny HQ, Kilkenny’s leading mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy. With three BAMMA pro fighters in the academy, there’s always something stirring, something happening, something worth talking about.

So, with that in mind, I’ve joined coaches Myles Price and Mick Brennan along with pro MMA fighter Andy Murphy to launch Rambling Rhinos (all Andy’s idea, as you’ll hear).

It’s sixty-odd minutes of chat focused on BAMMA 30 in Dublin’s 3 Arena on 7 July; training at Team Alpha Male and Art of Jiu Jitsu (both california) and Bad Boy MMA, Newcastle, medicals, and much more.

The plan is to build it as we go with special guests being lined up for future podcasts already.

You can subscribe to Rambling Rhinos via iTunes, catch it on SoundCloud or use your favourite podcast app and search out Rambling Rhinos.

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