Dalloway’s Rebecca Vaughan: ‘There’s something very magical about Irish theatre audiences’

The latest touring show for Irish audiences from Dyad Productions is Dalloway, Dyad the group responsible for the likes of The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, Female Gothic, I, Elizabeth and Austen’s Women.

I’ve spoken with performer Rebecca Vaughan on theatre matters a few times over years and for touring companies, particularly like Dyad, it’s always great to see them coming back, producing more work, but continuing to invest in audience development in Ireland.

Their latest show, Dalloway, takes a three night run beginning tonight (Wednesday) at the Hawk’s Well in Theatre (one of my favourite venues) before coming to Kilkenny and the Watergate Theatre on Thursday evening, wrapping up at the Riverbank in Newbridge on Friday night.

What’s Dalloway All About?

1923: The War is over. While Clarissa Dalloway prepares a party in Westminster, Septimus Smith is diagnosed with shell-shock, and their memories and dreams magically intertwine with those of 15 other disparate souls, this hot blue day in June. Conjuring the hopes and regrets of middle- and upper-class London, this adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s celebrated map of hearts, minds and memories offers a compellingly feminine response to the aftermath of the First World War.

The show is written and directed by Elton Townend Jones and performed by Rebecca Vaughan.

When I asked her what keeps them coming back time and again with new shows, the response was quite simple.

There’s something very magical about Irish theatre audiences. Whenever we tour to Ireland there’s such an open, welcoming feel about the theatre and about sitting in a dark room and hearing a story told. I finish up spending about three months of my touring year, every year, touring around Ireland with different shows and I absolutely love it. I’m always excited to come back – I’m actually back with two other shows later this Autumn.

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