Talking about craft beer and home brewing in Kilkenny

Craft Beer

Find out about what’s happening in the world of craft beer and home brewing in Kilkenny with some festive brews thrown in for good measure.

Food and wine have become more a part of the show as the weeks tick towards the end of the year they’ve been joined by craft beer.

There’s a great buzz for craft beer in Kilkenny. Carlow Brewing (O’Hara’s) have Brewery Corner, a popular spot on Parliament Street opposite the Watergate Theatre and Kilkenny’s only dedicated craft beer pub.

Costello's Red Ale, born of Kilkenny and Costello's own brewery, opening December 2016.

Costello’s Red Ale, born of Kilkenny and Costello’s own brewery, opening December 2016.

There’s the Kilkenny Craft Beer Festival, heading into its third year as a mini festival and which for the past two has brought together beer lovers, brewers and retailers to celebrate a booming industry.

Beer lovers needs somewhere to discuss beer and share their enjoyment of their favourite and locally to me, there’s the Kilkenny Beer Club. Meetings take place on the last Thursday of each month and ahead of Christmas, tying in with the Kilkenny Craft Beer Festival, they’re bound for Billy Byrne’s on John Street (main festival venue) for a festive gathering on 10 December.

Local scene setting done, I was joined in studio by Tony Comerford an avid home brewer and lover of all things craft beer to find out more about what’s happening in Kilkenny, the rising interest on all fronts in the craft beer sector as well as picking out a few beer recommendations heading into Christmas.

Listen back to the full chat below.

Breweries mentioned include Costellos, Carlow Brewing (O’Hara’s), 12 Acres, Yellowbelly, Kinnegar, Rascals, Metalman and more.

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