So, anyway, what happened with Any Given Food?

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask – what happened your food blog? What’s the story with Any Given Food? You need to bring back the food blog! Wait a second, who’s Mrs. Any Given Food?”

I’ve heard so many variations of the above in the last few weeks – pointed in a way as it would be six years this month that Any Given Food would be on the go. Well, six years anyway if consistency in keeping the content there was maintained.

As it turned out, 2015 was something of a transition year for me, coupled with 2016, so it’s been a relatively quiet time in the land of Any Given Food. It’s close to 12 months since it last saw a post. Before that, maybe a handful in 2015.

The blog itself still stands there – packed with hundreds of posts mixing recipes, events, festivals, photos – but of late I’ve recognised I’m not pushed on keeping Any Given Food going as a daily concern, or more to the point, concerned about ‘brand’ Any Given Food. I won’t be removing the blog, only now I’ll be continuing the food writing here instead.

Sometimes you need to take a step back to take a step forward, right?

A change in (writing) direction

For years I’ve been writing about a whole variety of different topics – food, technology, photography, gaming, theatre and the arts – all under a whole host of different names. I’m moving all that that to a point where I can write under my own name or ideally, under my own domain – for

It was sitting in my Blacknight account unloved for years, so early this year I took the steps to get it off and running, bringing in the photo posts that were trickling out under Ken McGuire Photography, on air interviews, arts features, events I’m working on – the whole lot under one roof.

Hold on a second, so are you still writing about food then or what?

Short answer – yes. And there will be more of it. New posts, new reviews and the likes.

Long answer – well, yes. The love of food hasn’t stopped. Granted I’ve not been in a position to travel to events and demos as much as I had been in recent years, but there’s ways and means around that.

At time of writing, it’s the middle of October and I’ve found myself having to take two weeks off. That’ll surely give me time to sort a few things out food-wise.

Can I talk to you about a food event or a book I’m bringing out?

Sure thing. Only these days, if I like what you’re pitching it’s highly likely we’ll end up chatting on radio about it as that’s where my time has gone over the past two years. If you’ve got something to pitch, you can still hit the (or hello@) email address.

Here’s to writing and re-writing about food again.

Edit: Of course in making changes to Any Given Food this evening I’ve introduced the fabulous WordPress ‘White Screen Of Death’. I’ll get that sorted and have normal archive service resume there shortly.

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  1. Fantastic to see this all coming together and really look forward to reading more about thefoods and other vinteresting things. Fantastuc and exciting.

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