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Let’s begin again…

It’s 2018. I’m going back to the start. Cleaning house, shipping out old blog posts and starting with a blank canvas. There’s something quite liberating about it too.

Cleaning house: Programming on Mac

It’s time to begin again.

Cleaning house for 2018 has given me scope to relaunch and, the latter as a rebrand of With writing going well, I’m cleaning house at developing it as a space to explore what happens outside of music and food.

You’ll see in the footer there’s a lot of words used to describe me, describe what I do – depending on who you talk to. Those words will drive direction.

In brief, if you’re looking for anything that was here around food – visit

If you’re looking for anything that was here around music – visit

For everything else, well, let’s see.

Cleaning House: It’s good for the head

Sometimes, you simply need to go back to the start.

You cook all day, clean the kitchen, and reset for tomorrow. You get the clothes up off the floor and into the press. Simple, every day things that give you a sense of clarity. Of well-being. If it’s good for the real world, it’s good for the digital world too.

In revamping for 2018, I reset everything to scratch. Deleted years of material, years of tweets, stripped loads of photos from Instagram. A strangely gratifying process too, I might add.

If you’re sitting looking at an old blog, thinking you need to do something – perhaps consider starting from scratch.

Broadcaster and sports writer at KCLR96FM; digital media head with a production eye on theatre, film and video; Read my Irish food blog, Ken On Food.

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