Introducing: The Rambling Rhinos Podcast

The one where I talk about all things MMA, BJJ and beyond with pro fighters

Have you heard the Rambling Rhinos Podcast?

The reason I ask, is that season two should be kicking off in the next few weeks.

Having released a number of music podcasts in recent years, I wanted to make the move into sports to broaden the horizons.

Enter, Rambling Rhinos, and plenty of talk about mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Who are the Rambling Rhinos?

For the podcast, it’s myself as the regular anchor, joined usually by the trio of Mick Brennan, Andy Murphy and Myles Price.

Brennan and Price are the driving forces behind and head coaches of Team Ryano Kilkenny, with Murphy training out of the facility and fighting under the Team Ryano banner.

The podcast is a prime example of how a business can turn to digital media to expand their reach.

Typically each podcast has a core subject or running order of a number of subjects, and wraps with the latest developments for the team and the gym.

Over the second half of 2017 we released about a dozen shows, roughly 12 to 13 hours worth of content. Some podcasts feature special guests and feature contributors, others boil down to ourselves dissecting the MMA themes of the day.

There’s plenty of talk of sport psychology, training, fight previews and recaps and a lot of opinions and thoughts shared on the sport.

Subscribe to Rambling Rhinos

There aren’t too many MMA gyms doing the rounds with their own podcast, so if you’re curious, check out Rambling Rhinos on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts from.

You can also find the back catalogue streaming at

Ken McGuire

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