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Podcast badges: Download Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts badges today

Marketing material matters, don't you know.

Looking for podcast badges to promote your show on Google Music or Apple Podcasts? I’ve got you covered.

Two of the biggest outlets for podcasts – Apple Podcasts (nee iTunes) and now Google Music / Google Podcasts – both provide badges for promotional use. Both also come with very specific sets of guidelines and it’s good to be aware of them.

Badges can be used in digital or print formats and you should always adhere to their official terms.

You will find the terms for each on their respective official website, but there’s a few easy tipes

  • Use only the official badges
  • Leave the colours, text, fonts etc. as they are
  • Squashing or stretching the badges out of proportion is a no-no
  • If you’re using both Google and Apple badges, make them the same size, with some space between them

Podcast Badges: Apple Podcasts

You can use the Listen on Apple Podcasts badge to promote your show or an episode that can be heard on Apple Podcasts. The badge should link to the applicable content on Apple Podcasts and as per guidelines is suitable for use in web pages, social media, apps and print material.

It’s a good tip too in making sure you’re using only the current artwork as issued by Apple. See the guidelines here.

Note that the link above is for the US/UK versions. Fully localised versions are also available for other countries.

If you’re only promoting your podcast through Apple Podcasts, you’re also free to use to Apple Podcasts Lockup artwork which comes in a variety of forms for dark and light backgrounds along with an all black and all white version too.

Apple also provide a handy link builder and banner builder you can use to generate HTML for your blog to insert into pages or widgets. Here’s 728×90 banner generated for the Ken On Food podcast.

Podcast Badges: Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts launched in June 2018 and they’ve got a couple of useful podcast badges and tools for podcast promotion.

For example, if you visit Google’s Podcast Publisher Tools and enter the RSS feed for your podcast, you can find out if it has been indexed and if so, generate a direct link (great for Android users).

The Listen on Google Podcasts badges can be used along side the Apple Podcasts badges. If so, you should make sure they’re the same size. Also, Google Podcast should not be confused with Google Play.

Google Play doesn’t contain podcasts, particularly outside of the US and Canada, and it requires Google Play to be installed on a mobile device. Google Podcasts doesn’t necessarily need the Google Podcasts app to be installed, and works globally.

If you’ve got any questions or queries about podcast badges, or if any of the links in this podcast are no longer working, don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments below.


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Award-winning podcaster, presenter and broadcast engineer at KCLR96FM; digital media head with a production eye on theatre, film and video; Read my Irish food blog, Ken On Food.

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