Publicize this: How to share your WordPress blog posts to Facebook pages

If you're using Jetpack, you can still publish your blog posts to Pages you manage.

Publicize, the Jetpack tool for WordPress that connects your site to major social media platforms, will no longer post to Facebook Profiles.

As of 1 August, Facebook have ended support for third-party tools sharing posts automatically for profiles, but you can still connect to Pages you manage.

With that in mind, here’s how to connect your WordPress blog to your Facebook page. Similarly, you can connect to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Path.

Use Publicize to share to Facebook Pages

If you’ve got Jetpack installed on your WordPress blog, you can use to to share your posts automatically to your Facebook Page.

You will need to use a Facebook account that has admin rights to the Page in question. If you’re using Facebook Business Manager, you’re also out of luck.

From your WordPress dashboard, head to Settings, then Sharing, then Publicize Connections.

Publicize connections
Publicize connections

Make sure to select the toggle to automatically share your posts to social networks, then proceed to connect your social media accounts.

Publicize Your Posts

Publicize feature in Jetpack for WordPress
Publicize feature in Jetpack for WordPress

Pressing connect will open a new window, prompting you to connect WordPress with your Facebook account.

Publicize: Connect WordPress to your Facebook account.
Publicize: Connect WordPress to your Facebook account.

Hit the blue ‘Continue as…’ button to proceed.

Choose what you allow.
Choose what you allow.

You can proceed as normal, or choose what you allow. You may have access to a large number of Facebook pages, but only want to be able to allow access to a single page.

In this case, tap or click choose what you allow, and where you see all pages listed, click to add or remove pages you wish to grant access to. Once you’ve your page selected, you will be asked to confirm your selection.

Connecting Facebook
Connecting Facebook

Press or tap on connect to confirm the selection.

If you have multiple authors on your WordPress-powered site or blog, you can choose to set the connection available to all administrators, editors and authors.

With all that done, you’re set to go.

Set your posts to publish automatically

Next time you go to publish a post, you will notice the Publicise feature is now live, listing the Facebook and Twitter accounts that are connected and ready to go.

Click edit to make any per-post changes, or click settings to make any site-wide changes, to add or remove accounts, or disabling automatic post sharing.

Any questions or queries? Leave a comment below.

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