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The Arts Show Podcast: Episode #000 – The Beginning

The one where I set up what exactly is The Arts Show Podcast

In a new venture, you’re welcome to The Arts Show Podcast Episode Zero.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be bring you conversations and interview with people and groups working in the arts.

From film and theatre to visual arts and beyond, there’s plenty to talk about in the arts world.

Artists have stories to share, shows to plug, productions to preview and you’ll be able to hear all about them.

If you would like to be part of the conversation, you can get me on email – – or check out @theartsshow on Twitter and The Arts Show Podcast on Facebook.

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Ken McGuire

Award-winning podcaster, presenter and broadcast engineer at KCLR96FM; digital media head with a production eye on theatre, film and video; Read my Irish food blog, Ken On Food.

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